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30 reviews for Samsung Unlock

  1. Richard Egret

    Really good service. Completed in no time.

  2. Lucille

    Got my S8+ unlocked from these guys and it worked perfectly, no issues.

  3. Raquel Hernandez

    Thank you so much. They walked me through the process and helped me understand how it works. My code worked great.

  4. John Reuben

    Worked like it should. Good job.

  5. S.Johnston

    Cheers. Got what I needed.

  6. Julia

    Whoop whoop thank you. My Galaxy S6 is finally unlocked and away from my terrible network.

  7. Carl

    Fantastic job.

  8. Hugh

    Quicker than I was expecting, did the job perfectly.

  9. Lucas

    Lovely job. Very quick and simple. Thanks

  10. Jamie

    They unlocked my Samsung S10+ really fast. Worked perfectly which is really nice.Thanks

  11. N.J

    5 Star service I can tell you that. Staff were incredibly nice and helpful and the unlocking process was simple and just worked. Couldnt be easier.

  12. Bella

    It’s good

  13. eric


  14. James sims




  16. Ramon Velasco


  17. Cara N

    My husband bought a second hand samsung from ebay. It was locked to a different network and I didnt know if this service would work. Very happy with it 🙂

  18. Lisa L

    Samsung A9 unlocked very quickly. Woop

  19. John Paul

    Nice job everyone.

  20. Francis

    Thank you sooooo much I was travelling and had to buy a cheap phone but it was locked to wrong network thankssss

  21. Laura

    I found these guys after using other sites that were no good. Speedy Unlocks worked a charm

  22. Susanna Marozwel

    Wow really great service I love it haha

  23. laurel

    started my day off great when i received an email with my unlock codes 🙂

  24. Boris

    possibly the best service i have used

  25. Puka

    It took longer than they said and they explained why to me so I understand which was really nice of them

  26. Mike

    Speedy indeed. I will be back in future

  27. Horaldo

    Completed in a Jiffy. NIcely done. Really saved my bacon.

  28. Rory Lakewell

    Much cheaper and faster than other websites I have used for phone unlocks. I will use speedyunlocks in future if I ever need to.

  29. Lorelei Martins

    They did a wonderful job for me

  30. Orin Cambell

    Lovely work everyone invloced wasgreat

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Money Back Guarantee

Speedy Unlocks believes in providing our customers with the best possible service. That is why we offer all our customers a money back guarantee.

Our money back guarantee is available if we either fail to provide you a working unlock code, for any failing on our part.

If the customer can not get the unlock to work, we will first try and figure out and fix the issue with you, as 95% of the time it is an issue with something customer is doing, and we are always on hand to help.

However, in very rare cases the code does not work, all you have to do is show us it has not worked, and we will send a full refund your way.

As we sell unlocks all over the world, and it costs us time and money to generate each unlock code, to protect ourselves, we will first try and help, and if your unlock code still does not work, we simply as you to show it has not worked and we then provide a full refund.

For full details on the money-back guarantee and exclusions, see our terms and conditions.