Unlock Your Alcatel Device via IMEI

Fast, Safe and Permanent

Unlock Alcatel phone by IMEI

  • Unlock your Alcatel by IMEI without voiding the warranty.
  • The recommended unlock method by Alcatel.
  • Permanent unlock, works with all Alcatel models.
  • Safely unlock your device from anywhere you want.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

How to unlock my Alcatel with SpeedyUnlocks?

Step 1

Fill in unlock form.

Step 2

Purchase your unlock.

Step 3

Receive code by email.

  1. Firstly request your unlocking code from Speedy Unlocks.
  2. Secondly turn on your Alcatel phone with a different SIM card from the network your device is currently locked to.
  3. If the SIM card prompts for a PIN, type it in and press OK.
  4. Lastly when prompted for the NETWORK CODE, type in the unlocking code you received by email from Speedy Unlocks.

This will permanently unlock your Alcatel.

An Alcatel phone unlock has never been this easy. Our straight forward unlock form gets right to the point and only asks for the relevant information.

All you need is your device IMEI number plus the name of the network your phone is currently locked to. After we receive all the necessary information we will start the Alcatel phone unlock process.

Once the unlock has been completed an email containing the code will be sent to the email address given during the form process. Along with your code will be very simple step by step instructions to help you complete your Samsung phone unlock.  

It really couldn’t be simpler. No software needed, no downloads. No need to worry about voiding your warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your Alcatel phone by IMEI today!  

Why unlock your Alcatel Device with Speedy Unlocks

  • You will be able to use your Alcatel with any network you desire.
  • Your Alcatel warranty remains valid.
  • Absolutely zero risk to your device.
  • 100 % Permanent unlock.
  • The fastest unlock code turnaround online.
  • Very easy step-by-step phone unlock instructions sent by email.
  • Terrific customer support.
  • Lowest prices on the Internet.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Unlocked from anywhere.

FAQ about Alcatel Phone Unlocking

Firstly we submit all the information that has been provided in our unlock form (IMEI and Network) and submit it to the Alcatel servers as soon as we receive them.

Secondly a unique unlock code is generated based on that devices specific IMEI. This code will only work with that device.

Then once the Alcatel phone unlock has been completed it instantly gets emailed to you with easy to follow instructions. We have made this process incredibly simple, fast and pain free.

The unlock process is pretty much the same for all of our other network unlocks so once you complete one you will be able to unlock any other device you have such as an iPhone or a BlackBerry device.

If you need a different handset unlocked you can navigate back to the homepage and choose the correct one for you.

However some customers still need that extra bit of help, so we are always ready to answer what ever questions our customers may have. A customer may fill out a support ticket through our help desk or email us directly at admin@speedyunlock.com and a member of our staff will get back to you as fast as humanly possible.

All Alcatel Phone Unlock codes are 100% permanent.

Unlocking times vary between networks and how busy each server is at the time of purchase. As a result of this most unlocks can be completed in a few minutes to a few hours. But some other networks can take anywhere from 0-5 Business days to unlock. These unlocks tend to have a more complicated unlocking process.

But don’t despair as we are always working with the network carriers to make our process as fast and as efficient as possible. All unlocks are processed directly on the network carriers servers, therefore, making our method the Fastest and most Secure there is.

However we ask that all customers please bear in mind that unlock times can vary and there is no guarantee on actual unlock times. This means that any time given is only an estimate.

For instance this means an unlock can be completed within the estimated time given or take a little longer. Estimated times are based on previous unlocks that we have completed successfully.

All orders are processed automatically.

Speedyunlocks.com guarantees that our unlocking service works with any original update or future update to the original software.

However there is no guarantee that our unlocking service will work with a device that has been modified in any way, therefore any unlock purchased will likely not function as intended.

It is highly recommended that you reset your Alcatel device back to its original factory settings as there is a high risk of your device not being fully unlocked or the unlock failing outright.

We do not take any responsibility if an unlock does not work due to a device being modified in any way. This is simply because of how an unlock works.

In addition to Speedy Unlocks not accepting responsibility for a modified device, the modified device will also not qualify for our money back guarantee.

Our money back guarantee will only apply to a vanilla device.

It is highly recommended that you know the current network that your Alcatel device is locked to. This will allow the unlocking process to progress faster.

You can usually tell what network your phone is locked to by going into your settings > about phone > network. In there you should see your carrier at the very top.

This may be different on each device. Therefore it is recommended that you look through your settings to find it.

You do not have to specify the exact network but it is best to know. Some networks cost more than others so buying the cheapest option is not recommended. Their may be additional fees if the network chosen is not the one that your device is actually locked to.

Therefore we recommend selecting the correct network carrier upon purchase.

If you do not know the original network carrier we strongly recommend you buy our network check either from the link below or ticking the choosing the “I do not know my network option” when filling out the unlock form. This will cost a little more as a network check will be included with the purchase.  

Additionally you can check your network and blacklist status at a much lower price here. This is a cheaper alternative as it is only a network or blacklist check and does not include any unlock.

Simply put. Yes. You will need to insert a new sim card into your Alcatel device. Then you will be prompted with an enter unlock code screen.

You can pick up a new sim card for free from some networks or just buy a cheap one. Any sim card that is different from your original will work.

Pop your new code in and hey presto your device is now unlocked. Without a new sim card your device will not prompt for the unlocking code and the unlock will not be possible. If you have any issues do not hesitate to get in contact.

However if an unlock has been completed and the device does not prompt you for an unlock code we cannot accept responsibility for the code not working.

It is up to the customer to make sure that their device prompts for a code upon insertion of a new sim card. We highly recommend taking this step before purchasing this unlock.

A lost or stolen/blacklisted phone can be unlocked but we will be unaware if it works as intended because of this a blacklisted phone is not covered under our money back guarantee and as such you will not receive a refund.

Therefore we take no responsibility for a customer who purchases this unlock with a blacklisted device.

If you are unaware if your phone is blacklisted you can check here or add a blacklist check during the unlock form process.

If you have never tried to unlock your Alcatel in the past then you will have nothing to worry about.
However, with some models, you can tell many attempts you have left by inserting a different SIM card from the one the phone is currently locked to. After that you will be prompted for the unlock code and also be shown how many attempts are left.
If you have used up all your unlocking attempts, it will not be possible to unlock your cell phone. Therefore we suggest that all customers check how many attempts they have left before they purchase an unlock.
Speedy Unlocks does not take any responsibility for any of our customers not checking this before hand and receiving a code that cannot be used because there are no attempts remaining. 
If a code does not work due to remaining attempts being used up then we may ask for video proof. You will also not be viable for the money back guarantee.
No. There is absolutely zero chance of your device re-locking after being restored back to its factory settings. Unlock codes are tied to each phones unique IMEI. This means a device is unlocked at the IMEI level and is not tied to the phones current settings. However it is still best not to modify your software from the stock software.
All our phone unlock codes are 100% permanent

All our Unlocks are subject to our Money Back Guarantee. On the extremely rare chance that we are unable to unlock your phone, we offer a money back guarantee. Customer Satisfaction is very important to us.

Terms and conditions apply. 

– Any Samsung Phone that does not prompt for an unlock code whenever a new sim is inserted.
– Stolen, blacklisted, lost, insurance claimed devices. It may still work, but we can’t guarantee it.
– IMEI beginning with 99, don’t fret, upon checkout you will be shown how to get your IMEI.
– Wrong Network selected upon unlock form completion.

Check out our terms & conditions for more information about our money back guarantee exclusions.


What our amazing customers say

Ross says:

“Pleased with my Alcatel unlock. If I ever need another one I will use Speedy Unlocks” 

– after an Alcatel 1 unlock


Josh says:

“Perfect job. Phone unlocked in only a few hrs. Exactly as it says”

– after an Alcatel U3 unlock


Carla says:

“I am very satisfied. I bought this unlock for my husband and worked like a charm”

– after an Alcatel 1 unlock


Raul says:

“Very very good thank you my friends. Better than I could have hoped for. Very straight forward unlock. I had no issues.” 

– after an Alcatel 3V unlock


Sue says:

“Really quick. Simpler than I thought it would be. I did have questions and they answered every one I had. They also kept me updated on my how my phone unlock was progressing. ” 

– after an Alcatel 1 unlock


Boyd says:

“Easily the best unlock company there is. Everything just worked from the start to the end. They had my phone unlocked the very next day.”

– after an Alcatel U3 unlock


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Speedy Unlocks offers unrivalled unlocking speed so you can enjoy your phone again.

Speedy Unlocks is always here to help and support our customers with any issue or query.

Speedy Unlocks can unlock nearly any device on any network.

Speedy Unlocks provides a safe environment to browse and purchase. Security and privacy is very important to us.

We strive to make all our unlocks cost effective for our customers.

Speedy Unlocks offers multiple secure payment options for our customers and uses SSL safety certificates for the fullest protection possible.